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Busiest Ports In The World & Maritime Law

The Port of Houston is one of the largest and busiest commercial ports in the world

Nearby is Galveston, which is home to many popular cruise ship channel. When crew members become injured on these vessels, they may only have access to basic first aid. As a result, by the time these victims obtain proper medical treatment, their injuries may have progressed into something more serious. For this reason, commercial fishing has consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous occupations in America.

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 Busiest Ports In The World & Maritime Law

As an employee in one of the nation’s most dangerous industries, you deserve protection from avoidable harm. In the event of an injury, you need proper compensation to help you recover and move on with your life. In the event of a work accident, employees are typically eligible for compensation under the state Workers’ Compensation program. Although Texas’ legal jurisdiction ends at the shoreline, injured offshore workers are eligible for no-fault compensation under the Jones Act. The Jones Act is a federal law that allows offshore employees to recover damages from employers for on-the-job injuries. What this means is that if an employer has been negligent by exposing employees to unsafe work conditions, they may be entitled to compensation.

Have you been injured in an offshore oil rig explosion, offshore oil rig accident, or ship accident? In that case, you need a lawyer that understands the very complex and specific rules of maritime law. It would also help if you had a law firm that is committed to fighting the big companies that run the oil and gas industry in the Gulf. Our experienced Jones Act attorneys have built a reputation for successfully navigating complex offshore injury claims. Founding partner John Eddie Williams’ father and grandfather both were union longshoremen. Thus, we are very familiar with the dangerous working conditions that offshore workers face. Our lifelong dedication to protecting the rights of offshore workers has consistently earned us top-tier recognition as one of the best Jones Act law firms in the country.


According to the Jones Act, “sailors” are all workers who meet the following criteria:​

The injured employee must spend at least 30 percent of their time aboard the vessel. They also must contribute meaningfully to the voyage’s operation in any capacity.

The injured employee must be under a single professional relationship with the vessel while they were working aboard. This means the employee cannot be a freelancer or independent contractor.

The vessel must be in navigation at the time of the injury, meaning it cannot be in the dock and in use of land-based utilities. Navigable waters include both oceans and inland waterways. So, If the ship was under construction, even if it was in the water, it was not navigable at the time. However, suppose the vessel was being repaired. In that case, even though it is not seaworthy at the time of the injury, the Jones Act still applies.

Fortunately, normal worker’s compensation is still available for those who do not meet these criteria.

Jones Act protection covers workers in various industries, not just fishing or oil and gas. Stewards, cooks, barbers, medical personnel, bartenders, housekeeping staff, electronics operators, and mechanics are all vital personnel in the vessel’s operation. With this in mind, they are entitled to fair compensation under maritime law if injured while aboard the vessel.

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