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Fear of Falling Into Russia-Ukraine Sinking His Pride Warship

Russia - Ukraine

The main battleship of the Ukrainian Navy Hetman Sahaidachny (U130) is seen sinking in the port of Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine. Sightings of the sinking Ukrainian Navy frigate have been circulating on social media. It seems that Ukraine deliberately sank the main warship of the navy so as not to fall into Russian hands.

It is known that the Russian Navy Fleet is aggressively carrying out attacks from the Black Sea to the Odessa region, in southern Ukraine. A photo of the semi-submerged frigate Hetman Sahaidachny tilted to one side appears on social media on March 3, 2022.

Quoted from The War Zone page, Friday (4/3/2022), it seems that the ship was deliberately sunk so as not to fall into Russian hands.

It is possible that this ship sank as a result of the actions of Russia, but it seems at this time the possibility is small. There is no detailed information about the fate of the Hetman Sahaidachny frigate belonging to the Ukrainian Navy.

This Ukrainian warship is a Krivak III/Menzhinskiy class frigate weighing 3,100 tons. These warships offer significant combat capabilities against the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet.

If it falls into the hands of Russia this will be a great victory and propaganda for Moscow that can lift the morale of the Russian troops. The warship is equipped with a 100 mm deck gun, a smaller gun, an anti-submarine grenade launcher, torpedo tubes and a helicopter.

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