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Houston Truck Accident Attorney

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According to the state of Texas, a Commercial Motor Vehicle weighs a minimum of 26,000 pounds or transports more than 15 people. These trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which is about 26 times the weight of a small passenger car. The Texas Department of Transportation reported that in 2014, Texas roadways were home to over 33,000 Commercial Motor Vehicle accidents. No county in Texas had more fatal 18 wheeler wrecks or fatal commercial motor vehicle wrecks than Harris County. In fact no other county came close – Harris almost doubled Dallas in the number of fatal crashes involving commercial motor vehicles.

Benjamin Roberts has years of experience fighting for the rights of those involved in these devastating tractor-trailer accidents. Because of the exceptional size and weight of Commercial Motor Vehicles, truck accidents and 18-wheeler accidents are often the most devastating wrecks on Harris County roadways and elsewhere. Truck accidents frequently result in serious personal injury, immense medical bills, significant auto repairs, and loss of income. On Houston roadways, most truck accidents are 18 wheeler wrecks and the damage is often catastrophic.

Unfortunately, some 18 wheeler trucking companies and insurance companies attempt to take advantage of those who have suffered personal injury at their hands, notoriously refusing to offer just and fair compensation. Many who have suffered serious personal injury in Houston truck accidents and commercial motor vehicle accidents and lack expert legal representation fall victim to gross injustice. As result, they are left not only struggling to recover from serious personal injury, but also struggling to financially support themselves and their families.

Benjamin Roberts wants justice which is maximum compensation for you. Benjamin Roberts has a long track record of making 18 wheeler trucking companies and their insurance companies provide just and fair compensation to those injured by their trucks at the hands of their drivers. In these cases, many clients of the Benjamin Roberts Law Firm, PLLC who have suffered serious personal injury can spend their time focusing on recovery rather than worrying about how they will cover their medical bills, auto repairs, and/or loss of income.


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