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The Russian president took office officially in 2000

The Russian president took office officially in 2000
Vladimir Putin VS Erdogan

The Russian president took office officially in 2000. It's been 22 years

Meanwhile, President Erdoan began to become Turkey's number one man from 2002. It has been 20 years.

In the new Turkish constitution, Erdoan is allowed to be President of Turkey until a maximum of 2028.

Meanwhile, in Russia's new constitution, Putin is allowed to serve until 2036 if Putin wants.

There are even aspirations from the people of Russia and Turkey, that their two leaders be allowed to serve for life.

Regarding this aspiration, Erdogan has clearly refused. Erdogan said he would only serve until 2028 maximum if the people willed. For the health of democracy.

While Putin does not want to bother about his tenure. I don't want to talk about his tenure. Its very easy for Putin. Because in reality on the ground, the majority of Russian people support Putin for life.

These two leaders both have achievements above the average of other leaders in the world. Their achievements are felt by the people.

Erdogan restored Turkey's power to become one of the most powerful countries now on earth in just 20 years.

While Putin managed to restore the glory of Russia in a relatively short time: 22 years.

These two people are both direct or indirect "enemies" of the US and NATO. Because Erdogan and Putin have the same principle: sovereign and do not want to be dictated by anyone, including the US and others.

Both of these people are equally considered a threat to the superpowers, because in their hands, Russia and Turkey have both achieved their glory.

A successful leader is a leader who has succeeded in building a country to the best level at the international level. And at the same time able to take care of the welfare of their people in the country.

source: Tengku Zulkifli Usman

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