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13 Benefits of Coal for Daily Life

13 Benefits of Coal for Daily Life
13 Benefits of Coal for Daily Life

Coal is a sedimentary rock formed from organic and combustible deposits. Coal comes from the remains of plants that have decomposed hundreds of millions of years ago. The benefits of coal for everyday life are quite a lot.

Puja Laksana in a book entitled Encyclopedia of Non-Oil Fuels writes that, based on research by geologists, coal was formed approximately 340 million years ago (the Carboniferous age).

The formation of coal only occurs at certain times throughout geological history, and requires certain conditions and conditions. Coal is a non-renewable natural resource. It takes a very long time for these natural resources to regenerate.

So, if it is used continuously, coal will run out. On that basis, it is not surprising that the price of coal is quite expensive.

Natural resources such as coal have many benefits for life. What is the use of coal? The main use or benefit of coal is as a fuel, because the heat generated by coal is very high. Fuel is a type of energy, which can be converted into other forms of energy.

Check out the benefits of coal for other lives below:

Benefits of Coal in Daily Life
Some of the benefits of coal for life include the following:

  • Steam power plant (PLTU) as raw material for artificial gasoline, artificial silk, artificial rubber.
  • Coal is used to help meet household needs, such as cooking.
  • Coal is used for combustion in industry.
  • Raw materials for the manufacture of synthetic fibers, for example nylon and plastic.
  • Materials to aid agricultural production.
  • Coal is used as fuel for various means of transportation.
  • Coal is useful to help replace fuel oil, which is a solution for liquid fuels.
  • As an ingredient for the manufacture of soap, shampoo and other chemical industrial products.
  • Coal is used as a material to produce gas products.
  • Coal is useful for the paper industry.
  • The benefits of coal are also one of the ingredients to help steel products.
  • Coal is a substitute fuel for wood.
  • Coal is also used as a supporting material for the cement industry.

Thus the various benefits of coal in human daily life. Taking natural resources continuously, without conservation efforts will cause enormous losses for humans.


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